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The Shadow Over Portage and Main

Coming up soon, if you’re in town you should check it out!!!

Shadow over Portage & Main Poster


There are a few different schools of thought here. There are those who blanch at the merest mention of dog-earing, or scribbling notes in the margins, or underlining and highlighting. Then there are those who feel that a book isn’t really Theirs until it’s been internalized to such a degree that the work itself has been transformed into something completely different than it was before.

I fall somewhere in between; I’m a notorious dog-earer and underliner, but I often lack the discipline to add comments in the margins, eager to get on with the reading.

Here’s something from The Millions that’s on a totally different level: a marginalia conversation/dismantling of Dan Brown’s “Inferno.”


Food for Thought

If you know me, you know that I’ve retained a bit of a beef with Amazon from my days working at an independent bookstore. It’s always kind of hard, though, to really mount a methodical argument to validate my dislike – it’s a little bit of the destroying bookselling and literary culture, mixed with the scummy business practices and sucking money out of the local economy at an unprecedented rate – but here’s an interesting article (which I realize is from England) that focuses exclusively on the way they treat their tens of thousands of employees, and contains some insights that were new to me. Food for thought this holiday season.


Radio Silence

This happens, sometimes.

In mid-September, halfway through a round of fairly widespread short-story edits, I got the urge to work on something bigger. So I buckled down and returned to my novel-in-progress, “The Historian Fragments.” And I got a bit carried away. “The Historian Fragments” is a project I’ve been working on since spring 2012, when I started drafting it. I did a complete rewrite/overhaul this past winter while I was living in France, and I’ve just wrapped up a third extensive revision. Just in time, in fact, for moving day.

So now I’m all moved in, and I have a shiny new doorstop sitting square in the middle of my desk, staring me down. I’m already getting feedback from some of my primary readers about the new revision, and I must say I’m feeling pretty encouraged.

Anyway. Now it’s time to relax for a few days. Hopefully I’ll get another book talk up in the next week or so.