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So you may have heard about this neato website called YouTube. Relatively recently, I was made aware of the fact that nestled in among the cute pet videos and AFV-style home movie disasters and questionable pop music videos and viral oddities is some real content. By which I mean, regularly-updated channels supplying shows of a specific kind, i.e. news, or style, or inebriated cooking. And search as I might, I came up with very few book-related channels, in terms of shows that reviewed books or talked about literature.

One of the most frequently viewed book review channels features a young lady who reviews books while stripping. Makes me think of the infamous Lingerie Football League (recently, it was quaintly rebranded the “Legends Football League,” in an attempt to boost its credibility), which we (Winnipeg) narrowly avoided featuring in our very own city. Because the only way women can play pro football is if they do it naked. The main argument for its legitimacy, it seems, is  “hey, ya gotta *burp* start somewhere.”

I digress. You might notice my proclivity for devolving into rants, I’m afraid.

Long story short: I started a book-review-centric youtube channel. There’s only one video up there now, but I’ve got a few more in the works. I actually had a really good time learning the ropes in terms of recording and editing, and i’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty daunting to watch and listen to yourself like that. There are definitely a few lessons I learned from the first video, and things that I’ll change in subsequent episodes, but I’m also pretty proud of it, so you should give it a go:

If you’ve got a YouTube account, and you enjoy the video, do me a big favour and go “like” it. They tell me that’s important.

Till later!