The Strong Badger Coffeehouse

coffee collides with the arts in the west end of winnipeg

679 Sargent Avenue     |    (204) 500-1382

The Strong Badger Coffeehouse aims to create an inclusive, welcoming space where Winnipeggers can come for a damn good cup of coffee or tea and to enjoy Winnipeg's vibrant arts & culture scene. We envision a place where developing musicians, artists, and writers can find a home to hone their crafts and where everybody can come to find some good conversation.


Mon/Tues/Wed 8am - 4pm

Thurs/Fri 8am - 8pm

Saturday 9am - 8pm


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Calendar of Events:

We sell and serve great coffee from these local Manitoba roasters:

Other Brother Roasters (Winkler, MB)

Red Lake Coffee (Wpg, MB)

Green Bean Coffee Imports (Clandeboye, MB)

Sheepdog Coffee Co. (Wpg, MB)

The only promo video I'll ever need, courtesy of Dave Nishikawa:

About Me

Brock Peters

Photo: Colin Corneau

My name is Brock Peters. Born in the Yukon but raised in Winnipeg, I'm a lover of books, music, writing, nature, and community. Over the past few months, my dream of opening a coffee shop has changed and grown. I want to create a place where good, ethical coffee can come together with the arts - books, readings, performances, and artwork - and coalesce into a creative, community-oriented space where everyone is welcome. The call to hospitality has always challenged my introverted nature, but I believe that we were created to live in community, to share the challenges and joys of life together, and to learn what it means to love one another.

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